Breaver 1300 Ep

A very Wonderful very popular classic seaplane DHC 2 Breaver, it's fly very stable and gentle. A dream plane for your collection. The kit have detail scale look, and perfect for gift for someone special

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VMAR’s small scale electric kits are always very popular and we expect the same to be true of the cute little DH beaver 1300. Designed for a 150-250 Watt brushless motor (not supplied) and 4 – 5 channel radio (operating 4 – 6 micro servos), this 51” span high-winger can also be fitted with floats, available separately..
We recommend the use of 9g servo for this model..
The DH Beaver 1300 is available in two colour schemes. The yellow scheme, with red cowl, fin and wingtips, represents an aircraft from the Royal Canadian Air Force. The silver scheme, with orange wing stripes and fin, replicates a US Air Force aircraft
  • Electric : 150 - 250 watt brushless
  • Length : 850 mm (33.5")
  • Material : Balsa wood
  • radio : 4 channel 5 servos
  • Weight : 900-1000g
  • wing area: 26 dm.sq (390sq in)
  • Wingspan : 1300 mm (51")
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