Dornier DO-27 Ep

Dornier DO-27 Ep

The VMAR Dornier DO-27 is a very perfect plane for someone who want to enter scale model in fist time, it is fly very gentle and with trainer characteristic flying. It's a good choice model for you to be alternative trainer plane or your first scale plane

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The VMAR Dornier DO-27 is a near scale rendition of Europe's most popular trainer. VMAR have used a high semi-symmetrical wing and no dihedral to produce a model that will appeal to modellers looking for an advanced trainer or a unique semi-scale model capable of many manoeuvres.
The VMAR Dornier DO-27 utilises the revolutionary Ultra tough POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Covering System and is based as closely as possible on the colour and graphics schema of a real Dornier DO-27.
• Precision assembled using laser cut parts
• Lightweight balsa and ply used throughout
• Airframe parts individually sealed in clear plastic bags
• Pre-installed Windshield and Windows
• Hardware pack including wheels, wire undercarriage legs metal clevises, and laser cut control horns
• Ready covered in pre-printed heat-shrink Polycote ECS. Avoids separate trim pieces that can lift and look scruffy after just a few flights. Slack areas can be re-tightened using a heat-gun on a low setting
• Full Colour Assembly Manual

Please note: Kit contents may vary slightly from those listed here. To retain the integrity of the original packaging we are unable to check each individual kit.
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