Fieseler Storch FI-156

Fieseler F-156 Storch was an outstanding W.W.II plane, designed to take off and land in extremely short distances.  designed in 1935 by Fieseler,  The plane flew for the first time May 24th, 1936. In late 1937, Storch was accepted by the Luftwaffe and widely used by German military forces for reconnaissance, liaison, ambulance, and other duties and by high ranking officers as personal transports.

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Rp. 2,450,000

The Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (stork) was a small German liaison aircraft built by Fieseler before and during World War II, and production continued in other countries into the 1950s for the private market. It remains famous to this day for its excellent STOL performance, and French-built later variants are a common fixture at air shows.
• Precision assembled using laser cut parts
• Lightweight balsa and ply used throughout
• Airframe parts individually sealed in clear plastic bags
• Pre-installed Windshield and Windows
• Hardware pack including wheels, wire undercarriage legs and laser cut control horns
• Ready covered in pre-printed heat-shrink Polycote ECS. Avoids separate trim pieces that can lift and look scruffy after just a few flights. Slack areas can be re-tightened using a heat-gun on a low setting
• Full Colour Assembly Manual  
Please note: Kit contents may vary slightly from those listed here. To retain the integrity of the original packaging we are unable to check each individual kit.
  • Wingspan : 76.7 in (1950mm)
  • wing area: 806 sq in (50dm2)
  • Weight : 1950 g
  • radio : 4-6 channels 4-6 servos with flap
  • Length : 48.8 in (1240mm)
  • Electric : 300-450 watt brushless
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