Placing Secure Online Orders Please note:


 For viewing content and placing orders on our web site, we recommend using the most recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

Silver Arrow Hobby offers secure online ordering which allows you to instantly send your order to us for processing. If you have a compatible web browser , you may use our shopping cart interface ordering system. The best way to start your order is to use our super-easy product search engine or by clicking on any of the category links which appear on our product/price listings page. This will allow you to browse our product selection and choose items simply by clicking the yellow "Buy Now" graphics. If you are unable to find an item on our web site that you saw in one of our ads, simply enter the stock number of the item in the search box above and click "Go".

An excellent tutorial about how to use our shopping cart ordering system is also available.



Placing Telephone Orders


  • Dial 62-21-56942803   if you know what you want and have all of the stock numbers ready
  • Dial 62-21-56942803 for fax questions or assistance with your order
  • Dial 0817117795 if you want to contact directly to our representative
  • we are open monday-saturday at 9:00-17:00, we are close on sunday






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