Sky Arrow

The Sky Arrow is a tandem rear propeller, high wing and light sport and glider private plane. made in high quality fiberglass with painting finishing, A perfect plane for modeller who need scale plane with gentle flight character.

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Sky Arrow manufacturer Iniziative Industriale Italiane S.p.A. trace their history back to Meteor S.p.A., a company founded by Furio Lauri in 1947. That company initially produced gliders, and supplied these to the Italian Air Force for training. In the late 1950's, Meteor S.p.A. began producing unmanned aircraft, and in the following decades was strongly involved with military application development and production. In 1985 that ended as the military arm was sold (to Italian Government Group Finmeccania). The company changed its name to Iniziative Industriale Italiane S.p.A., moved from Trieste to Rome, and concentrated on the civilian market as it branched out into offshore powerboats.

In 1989 the company participated in a government sponsored design competition for a remotely piloted vehicle (rpv) for a variety of aerial work - predominantly in observation. The now pilot carrying Sky Arrow resulted from this, and the prototype made its first flight on July 13, 1992. Primarily marketed as a sport and recreational aircraft, the aircraft is also used for training, research, and aerial surveillance.


This kit comes in ARF versions, everything you need for ready to fly must be purchased seperately

  • Engine : 46 - 56 (2c)
  • Length : 1300mm/51.2in
  • Material : Fiberglass fuselage, balsa wing
  • radio : 4Channels 6 Servos
  • Weight : 2300g/5.1 lb
  • wing area: 36.5sq dm/565.9sq in
  • Wingspan : 1600mm/63.0in
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