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Silver Arrow Hobby is a retail & wholesale store in Jakarta since 2005. We are one of the biggest R/C Hobby Toys wholesales company in Indonesia Silver Arrow Hobby operates an online RC shop, rc showroom and offering a rapid processing timeframe and a comprehensive support programme alongside a well managed spares and accessories department.


We nurture our current customer base by offering a developed forum community and providing a best spoke service. We pride ourselves on our referal history, which continually supplies new custom from established customer


We started, and Silver Arrow Hobby continues today, with a very simple game plan: offer the finest products available at the lowest prices and to provide absolutely the finest service. This game plan is a lot more than just a plan — it's a promise. A promise that is honored by each and every dedicated employee of Silver Arrow Hobby. All of the dedicated employee-owners are Team Silver Arrow Hobby and their personal and professional commitment to excellence is your guarantee of total satisfaction and outstanding value.


We are also the AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR of RC companies, for wholesales their products, some of them are Vmar aircraft, JBA Engine, Century Helicopter, DLE engine, RCV engine, Generix Products, Bolly Propeller, and many other products.



We sell Only good quality products, and have been tested by our Pilot, this testing is for your satifications warranty.


Fast, Friendly Service, Low Prices

many of packages per month are shipped to anywhere with high performance. We do business based on a simple formula: give our customers the product they want at a fair price, ship those parts fast, and back them with the best customer service on the planet.


low Price Guarantee guarantees the lowerest price on everything we sell but not be undersold


We thank you for your loyal support all these years. Our employee-owners will continue to do everything they can to constantly improve Silver Arrow Hobby to serve you even better in the future. You always have been and certainly continue to be absolutely the most important reason for our very existence, and we promise never to forget this simple truth. Remember, your total satisfaction is personally guaranteed by the best team Silver Arrow Hobby ever put together. We invite you to become and stay a satisfied customer-and welcome you to the exciting world of hobbies — the Silver Arrow Hobby Way!



Sincerely Yours



Silver Arrow Hobby

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