RV 4 - Jon Johanson

This RV4 is made base on RV4 used by Jon Johanson for his famous Millenium 2000 Round the World Solo flight. A perfect scale model with high detail.

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The VMAR RV4 45-60 SEMISCALE ARF ECS is a near scale rendition of the RV4 used by Jon Johanson for his famous Millenium 2000 Round the World Solo flight.   With full cooperation and licensed permission from Johanson we've been able to detail the VMAR ARF to the point that only size distinguishes the VMAR ARF from Johanson's full size!

For more information about Jon Johanson's record breaking 'round the world millenium flight in his RV4... please visit... www.jonjohanson.on.net

For more information about the full size RV4... check out... www.vansaircraft.com


features :

* All Wood Built Up Construction!
* Pilot and instrument panel etc! All pre-installed!
* Wheel Pants & Heavy Duty Landing Gear included!
* Scale Fibreglass Cowl!
* Scale like rendition of panel lines, rivets and graphics!
* Ailerons AND Flaps included!
* Pre-hinged Control Surfaces... Factory Installed and Pinned!
* Control Rods pre-installed!
* Full Color Illustrated Assembly Manual


This kit comes in ARF versions, everything you need for ready to fly must be purchased seperately

  • Engine : .45-.61 cu in. (7.4-10cc).
  • Length : 47 in. (1194 mm)
  • Material : balsa wood
  • radio : 4-5ch with 5-7 servos. Use 4ch/5sx if not activating standard flaps.
  • Weight : 5.5-6 lbs (3182-3523g)
  • wing area: 575 sq in
  • Wingspan : 59 in (1500mm)
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