Aero Subaru FA-200

A near scale rendition of the full size version developed by Fuji in 1964 and produced from 1968 through 1986. Build base on original drawing plan from fuji manufacturing

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The VMAR AERO SUBARU 40-52 SEMISCALE ARF ECS is a near scale rendition of the full size version developed by Fuji in 1964 and produced from 1968 through 1986. This is a beautiful aircraft sold worldwide in relatively small quantities.

Working with the design and manufacturing team in VMAR we've produced a very attractive model that is suitable for the full range of RC expertise ranging from beginners who are looking for their first low wing model but want something that is semiscale all the way to senior flyers who want a model that can be set up with flaperons and/or flaps. The VMAR AERO SUBARU is literally suitable for everyone beyond the raw beginner.

Given that we wanted the VMAR AERO SUBARU to look like the real thing, a cowl was a must.  In order to balance the great look of a cowled semi-scale trike model with the need to reduce complexity for those who want to "Buy and Fly" within hours, we have pre-painted, pre-trimmed and pre-cut the cowl for you! This is an industry first! We've also pre-installed the engine mount to fit most popular .46 two stroke engines including our hot new VMX-46PRO. For those of you who want to go with a larger engine, four stroke or different orientation we have blank un-cut cowls and firewalls available to allow a full range of customization to accomodate everyone.


Features :

* All Wood Built Up Construction! Extensive use of Light Weight Balsa and Lite Ply!
* POLYCOTE ECS Enhanced Graphics System! All Graphics is inside the Covering!
* Pre-hinged Control Surfaces... Factory Installed and Pinned!
* Control Rods pre-installed!
* Semi Symmetrical Wing with Mild Dihedral for easy to fly stability!
* Full Color Illustrated Assembly Manual
* Very Complete High Quality Hardware Pack!

* Wonderful Detail you will never find in others kit
* Plane comes with pilot and cockpit included.

This kit comes in ARF versions, everything you need for ready to fly must be purchased seperately

Catatan Tambahan :
Vmar Aero Subaru FA-200 merupakan satu satunya pesawat RC subaru yang di Buat berdasarkan Gambar Kerja Asli Dari Pabrik Aero Subaru , Fuji.
Dan di test secara langsung oleh para teknisi Fuji dalam segala aspeknya.

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