Aquila A-210

The Aquila AT01 is the newest from Aquila series, a very efficient  training and easy to handle plane

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The Aquila A 210 is an innovative all-composite VLA two-seater “made in Germany”. It is a comfortable tourer with long range and high cruising speed. Also, the Aquila A 210 is an ideal trainer and a comfortable workplace for flying instructors.
The plane is designed and manufactured by the German company AQUILA Technische Entwicklungen GmbH, located at Schoenhagen airfield south of Berlin. Development of the Aquila A 210 started in 1995 and the successful maiden flight took place in 2000. Short delivery times can be chieved. The EASA-licensed company regularly carries out maintenance and overhaul jobs as a Part 145 maintenance facility for all composite aircraft types.

this model is made, on the base design from Aquila A210 who manufactured by the German company AQUILA Technische Entwicklungen GmbH

This kit comes in ARF versions, everything you need for ready to fly must be purchased seperately

  • Wingspan : 67 in (1700 mm)
  • wing area: 32 sqdm/496 sq in
  • Weight : 3200g (3.2 kg)
  • radio : 4 ch 5-6 servos
  • Material : composite fiberglass
  • Length : 49 in (1250 mm)
  • Engine : 60 2 stroke 70-90 4 stoke ( 7cc gasoline)
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