Pilatus PC 9 Ep

Pilatus PC 9 Ep

The VMAR Pilatus PC 9 ARF one of the most popular Militery Training, now PC 9 goes way beyond what we consider semi-scale. Using authorized factory drawings, VMAR has replicated the Texan II to a degree seldom seen in any ARF.

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VMAR has modelled the ever popular PC9 military trainer in a more compact park flier size. Offering the normal VMAR level of detail including fitted pilot and highly detailed covering this model is going to be a popular choice. The model is offered in the red Australian Roulettes aerobatic team colours.

• Precision assembled using laser cut parts
• Lightweight balsa and ply used throughout
• Airframe parts individually sealed in clear plastic bags
• Pre-installed Canopy
• Hardware pack including wheels, wire undercarriage legs metal clevises, and laser cut control horns
• Ready covered in pre-printed heat-shrink Polycote ECS. Avoids separate trim pieces that can lift and look scruffy after just a few flights. Slack areas can be re-tightened using a heat-gun on a low setting
• Full Colour Assembly Manual

Please note: Kit contents may vary slightly from those listed here. To retain the integrity of the original packaging we are unable to check each individual kit.
  • Electric : 150-250watt brushless motor
  • Length : 32in (815mm)
  • radio : 4 Channels 4 Micro Servos
  • Weight : 700g
  • wing area: 540sq (18dm2)
  • Wingspan : 40.7in (1035mm)
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