Nouvo 1300 EP

Nouvo 1300 EP

A very popular, great trainer plane, and very stable flight characteristic, it will make your first flight become unforgetable moment

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On sale Rp. 1,500,000

This delightful electric sports model offers a great chance to kick back and relax with some gentle aerobatics. With reduced throws it can also be used for training.
Simple to transport and perfect for small fields. When equipped with a 1800 mAh 3cell LiPo battery and a brushless motor the VMAR Nouvo 1300EP can fly for 10 minutes and much longer when throttled back.
The VMAR Nouvo 1300EP is currently available in three different colour schemes, Red, Blue and Yellow.

• Precision assembled using laser cut parts
• Lightweight balsa and ply used throughout
• Airframe parts individually sealed in clear plastic bags
• Hardware pack including wheels, wire undercarriage legs metal clevises, and laser cut control horns
• Ready covered in pre-printed heat-shrink Polycote ECS. Avoids separate trim pieces that can lift and look scruffy after just a few flights. Slack areas can be re-tightened using a heat-gun on a low setting
• Full Colour Assembly Manual

Please note: Kit contents may vary slightly from those listed here. To retain the integrity of the original packaging we are unable to check each individual kit.
  • wing area: 540 sq in (18dm2)
  • Weight : 700g
  • radio : 4 channels 4 micro servos
  • Material : balsa wood with polycote cover
  • Length : 320 in (815mm)
  • Electric : 100-150 watt brushless motor
  • Wingspan : 40.7 in (1035mm)
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